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Corika Toothbrush Holder, Ceramic Cup for bathroom, Tableware Accessories for Kitchen (Good morning)

Corika Toothbrush Holder, Ceramic Cup for bathroom, Tableware Accessories for Kitchen (Good morning)



CORIKA is a reliable brand that focuses on everyone’s high-quality life and household products. We devote ourselves to bring the best quality products and services to everyone in the world. We believe that our high-quality products will meet or exceed your expectations. Specifications:Size:7.7cm x 7.7cmx 11.8cm.Weight:230g.Material: Ceramics. Ceramic Introduction:Ceramic is a kind of handicraft made of non-metallic minerals, which not consume metal resources, it’s an environmental protection product, renewable, and easy to decompose.In ancient China, Due to the complex manufacturing, ceramics belongs a kind of luxury products with high value, mostly supplies to royal and noble, Sometimes it also be supplied to religion.Before hundreds of years ago, ceramics products usually represent the development level of Chinese society; A good handmade ceramics bottle or tea plate will be worth more than ten million dollars.In modern society, because the manufacturing industry becomes developed, more and more types of ceramic products have been integrated into all aspects of our life. Porcelain has several characteristics:1. Porcelain products are breakable, So they should be protected against shock, extrusion, and collision during storage.2. General stains on the ceramic can be cleaned with alkaline water, or with soap and detergent, and then washed with clean water.3. When washing porcelain in winter, the water temperature must be controlled to prevent the porcelain from bursting due to the alternation of cold and hot.

About this item

  • 100% CERAMIC & ECO-FRIENDLY – CORIKA toothbrush holder, There’s a Good Morning text display on the toothbrush cup. this ceramic cup is ECO-Friendly and recyclable. The style is simple and modern. The bathroom cup is small in size, but durable, cute, and sturdy. The ceramic cup will not take up too much space on your bathroom counter, However, they can store enough toothbrushes, toothpaste, or others items.
  • GOOD MORNING FOR YOUR LIFE – Just like the text on the toothbrush holder, when you use CORIKA ceramic cups, you will see the greeting from the toothbrush cup, it says ‘Good Morning’ when you are ready to go out in the morning. This also represents our blessing to you, Hope you have a nice start every day, and face every day’s life happily.
  • EASY TO WASH & STORAGE – GOOD MORNING ceramic holder is a kind of handicraft made of non-metallic minerals, with a smooth surface, so you can rinse it with water easily. This can reduce the time and frequency you wash them. At the same time, It is a product without consuming metal resources, it’s an ECO-Friendly item, which can be renewable, and easy to decompose.
  • MULTIPURPOSE & USEFUL – CORIKA ceramic holder not only can be used in the bathroom but also can be used in the kitchen or your office. It’s greatly suitable for toothbrushes, toothpaste, comb, eyeliner pencils, and makeup brushes. CORIKA Toothbrush tumbler is a perfect accessory for bathroom use.
  • 24 HOURS CUSTOMER SERVICE – The toothbrush holder set will be shipped by Amazon from Amazon warehouse, and full service by Amazon logistics, When you meet a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you within 24 hours. Meanwhile, we also accept your suggestions, you are free to express your real experience, we will rely on you to improve our products. Long, long ago, ceramic products belong to a kind of luxury product with high value, it symbolizes people’s status and honor.


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